About Us

Cypress Contracting & Supplies (CCS) is a CVE Certified Veteran Owned Small Business located in Severna Park, Maryland.  CCS provides its’ customers with innovative material acquisition services for Government and Private Sectors.


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Our mission is to provide our clients with world-class material acquisition, kitting and labeling services.

CCS Supply Chain

By Partnering with CCS you can:

  • Procure Direct – Whether you’re the General Contractor (GC) or a Subcontractor to the GC, the General Contractor can purchase directly through CCS and direct where the materials/supplies need to be delivered.  
  • Procure via Subcontractors – By selecting the best and final offer from the subcontractor, who quotes the materials through Cypress Contracting & Supplies, you can easily meet and exceed the required VOSB and Small Business participation.  

CCS has the drive, ambition and highest level of commitment to our customers.  Contact us today to see how we can assist with the procurement process of your business and satisfy your VOSB requirements.

Nothing has changed. We are still here to serve.